Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Happy Summer!

Thank you for all of your help to make this second grade year a success!

It has been a pleasure to teach and learn from your children everyday. I feel privileged to have had such a wonderful group of students this year. As a class, we talk all the time about how we have morphed throughout the year into a family, or community of learners. I believe it is so important that students feel comfortable participating, sharing, and opening up in the classroom. This group has not only been able to do that, but also helped to guide each other on their journey together through second grade. They are such creative and inspiring learners. Have a wonderful summer vacation!

"How To" Writing: Explain Everything

Over the past few weeks iWriter’s Workshop we wrapped up our last nonfiction writing: procedural “how to” writing. Each student wrote about a topic of their choice. They each wrote an interesting lead, materials section, four detailed steps, and conclusion. Mrs. Klipfel, our technology integration specialist, helped us bring this piece to life using the app Explain Everything

Click HERE to see our final pieces. Each child was able to draw and take their own pictures, record their voice, and put together this project independently!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Field Day Fun!

We had an awesome day on Tuesday for Field Day! 

Our second graders had a great day full of sunshine, exercise, and sportsmanship. We worked as a class to play many fun teamwork activities. It was great to see the kids playing hard, playing fair, and having fun!

Friday, June 1, 2018

PBL Habitat Exhibition

Habitat Celebration!

We are wrapping up our project-based learning unit and celebrating our learning with the Steward community! On Thursday all habitat groups went down to the CafĂ© and showed off our projects for the entire school at a Habitat Exhibition! Students had the opportunity to see other classroom’s projects, we well as teach students in first and third grade about their habitats! It was definitely a highlight of our week.

Team Ocean Life

Team Rainforest

Team Grasslands

Team Desert

Team Wetlands

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Gloucester Maritime Field Trip

We had an incredible day at our field trip to the Gloucester Maritime Museum and Aquarium! We examined touch tanks, learned about categorizing and identifying whales, saw a massive whale skull, created a fish art print, and zoomed in on phytoplankton using microscopes! Thank you again to our awesome parent chaperones who helped to make it a great day! Ask your child what their favorite part of the trip was...

Aquarium and Touch Tank fun!

Whale Tail Learning and Tail Matching Puzzle

Whale Museum with Cynde McInnis

Fish Printing Art

Exploring Phytoplankton in the Science Laboratory

A big thank you to TESPTO for funding another awesome field trip! We had a great time in Gloucester learning more about the ocean habitat!