Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Incentive Plan

Our class has been struggling during transition times throughout the school day- putting materials away from the workshop and moving around the classroom in a timely manner. During class meeting on Monday we made a goal for ourselves that we will work on listening to our teachers and following directions the first time they are asked during these unstructured transition times.

We have started a new incentive plan in our classroom where either I, Mrs. Hutt, or Mrs. Serino will provide positive reinforcement with a 'golden ticket' each time we see a child following directions and listening to the teacher's directions during transition times. If a child receives a ticket, they write their name on it and put the ticket in a bucket for a daily drawing. At the end of each day, I will pick one ticket and reward the student's good behavior with either a phone call, email, or positive note home. 

When we come together for class meeting again in two weeks, we will reflect on our goal. Your students are doing a great job with this plan and we already see big improvements in just two days!

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