Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Penguin Lady

Yesterday we had the opportunity to meet Dyan deNapoli, The Penguin Lady! Dyan shared many facts and extensive penguin knowledge with us as we played a fun penguin game show! She showed us photographs she has taken during her research around the world and her large collection of penguin stuffed animals.
Dyan shares some of her stuffed animal predators of penguins.
We took a look at her life-size Emperor Penguin. Compared to an albatross, it has a tiny wingspan! (3 feet) Of course penguins can't fly!

Here are some facts we took away from her visit:

Little blues are the smallest penguin! -Olivia
Penguins have knees! -Nico, Maggie, Quinn
Emperor penguins are the biggest type of penguin. -Sage
Their poop is called guano. -Will
Penguins can shoot their guano up to 5 feet! -Rider, Addison
Grown up penguins throw up in their babies mouth to feed them. -Lana
Male Emperor penguins have yellow on their necks to attract females. -Lucien
Penguins can be saved from oil disasters. -Elizabeth
Penguins can live on the equator. -Michael
Penguins live in Australia! -Mark, Drew
Some penguins can make deep dives and can hold their breath for 22 or up to 27 minutes! -Ava
Penguins sneeze a lot to get out excess salt. -Annalisa

We are so fortunate to have special visitors ad experts come and visit us at Steward! Thank you PTO for your support! 

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