Friday, September 23, 2016

Starting Reader's Workshop!

Throughout Reader's Workshop in the past few weeks, students have practiced expanding their reading selection and choosing a ‘just right’ book. We read the mentor text Goldi Socks and the Three Libearians, and discussed the “five finger rule”. Ask your child how this rule works!

Annie tries out a non-fiction book using the five finger rule.
Danielle uses the five finger rule with a new series.
Jake reads the first page of a new book!
We also explored our classroom library and learned how and where our non-fiction, fiction, and series books are organized. During independent reading time, I have started conferencing one-on-one with students and learning more about them as readers. During share time we practiced the ‘turn and talk technique' with a partner. This is when students quietly share their thinking with a buddy. We are having fun in Reader’s Workshop and working hard!

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