Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Global Day of Design!

Last Tuesday the students in our class participated in Global Day of Design! "The Global Day of Design is one-day that focuses on using the Design Thinking process in school. Our goal for the Global Day of Design is to inspire a transformation in schools around the world to incorporate design into an every day practice with our students." For more information visit:!

Mrs. Lacouriere, our ELA specialist assisted me in planning, teaching, and coordinating the design of this fun morning. Together, we chose a STEM Challenge that was linked to children's literature: Curious George: Helping the Monkey Stay Afloat! 

Here are some fun photos of the design process:

Watching the audiobook of Curious George: The Boat Race
Step 1: Brainstorm designs

Step 2: Build and Revise

Step 3: Test our creations! Will they float for 10 seconds?

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