Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Change is Simple

The Change is Simple program came back to visit Room 210 last week! They discussed the importance of trees to animals and plants, and explained the delicate balance between trees and humans. 

We need trees on Earth for more than just paper, we need them for oxygen! Students practiced this exchange between trees and people:

Students act as budding trees.
Students act as trees and humans to show the exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Our class broke off into two groups. In the first station we learned the difference between coniferous (spiky spruce, hemlock) versus deciduous (oak, sugar maple) trees. We explored each type by comparing and contrasting their leaves. 

In the second station, children created their own homemade paper made from water and recycled shreds of paper. They loved the process, and were very engaged by the tools and procedure! 

Maggie and Quinn use their hands to press the pulp onto the screen.
Rider and Nico use tools to press the pulp.
Students describe the pulp using words like 'squishy' and 'chunky'.
We had to be patient and let the paper dry for over 24 hours!
Check out our Twitter feed next week for a 'final product' picture of what we did with our homemade paper!

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