Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Celebrating Earth Week!

These colorful projects really brighten up the room during this rainy week!
During Reader’s Workshop last week students have had a blast combining their love of reading non-fiction and Earth Day with multiple hands-on projects! We read multiple non-fiction picture books, including Earth Day- Hooray! We each created our own “protect the planet pledge” of how we can help reduce, reuse and recycle both at home and at school. We transformed the information we discussed into a fun 3-d Earth Week mobile! Throughout the week we also made coffee filter Earths and Earth Week celebration hats! We culminated the week with an all school assembly to celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day on Friday morning and in the afternoon.

Here are some pictures from our fun week! I hope you and your family had the opportunity to visit Topsfield's Earth Day celebration last Friday!

Students assemble outside around our new school tree to celebrate Arbor Day. Ms. Swanson led us in a song.
Michael and Annalisa work hard to create their 3D Earth Week mobiles!
Emily and Olivia paint their coffee filter Earths.
Everyone got up and danced to the music at our Earth Week assembly on Friday!

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