Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Whale Mobile Visit

Yesterday your second graders participated in the amazing Whale Mobile program presented by whale expert and Topsfield resident, Cynde McInnis! The children had a chance to walk through a life-sized inflatable whale named Nile, and listen to whale sounds all while learning about the migratory paths, whale anatomy, and feeding patterns of whales who frequent the Massachusetts area. They also learned how different whales are identified and studied. Be sure to ask your child about his/her favorite whale fact they learned today!

This opportunity is in conjunction with our second grade field trip to the Gloucester Maritime Museum next Thursday, May 12th. Field trip permission slips went home yesterday with your child. This program was funded by your generous contributions to TESTPO. Thank you for helping to support our curriculum and bring these fun programs to Steward!

Mrs. McInnis currently works on a whale watching boat out of Gloucester.
The students loved going inside 'Nile' and learning about the anatomy of a whale.
Mrs. McInnis touches on ways we can help save sea life from pollution - a great connection to Earth Week!

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